Tih Trud Ltd. is equipped with well-maintained machinery and has huge machine premises, technical and human resources. Company’s potentialities:

1. In the sphere of plastic precessing:

  • 13 plastic injection molding system for plastic products of up to 0,250 kg
  • Automatic blow molding machine for PE HD articles of up to 1,5 Liters

2. In the sphere of metal working:

  • Eccentric presses with nominal press force 250 kN, 630 kN and 1600 kN
  • Hydraulic presses with nominal press force 630 kN and 100 kN
  • Turret automatic lathes for products from calibrated steel of diameter up to 16 mm and length up do 1000 mm
  • Resistance welding device for steel sheet parts of thickness up to 5 mm
  • Semi-automatic welding machine MIG/MAG
  • Drill press and table drilling machine for drilling holes of up to 16 mm
  • Applied technology for manufacturing deep drawing products from sheet up to 1 mm
  • Electrostatic powder dyeing line

3. In the sphere of assembly of manufactured production:

  • Assembly conveyor with 20 working places

4. In the field of powder coating:

  • installation for electrostatic powder coating of parts – two filter chambers and professional electric oven for curing the paint

5. In the printing industry:

  • two color sheets offset printing machinery – “ROLAND FAVORIT” GERMANY
  • color offset printing machine “ROMAYOR”
  • offset printing machine “Hadassah Dominant 516”
  • sheets folding machines “BiggeL” - Germany